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Arizona, 1920s - Pre-"La Paz county", geography and demographics

I use the term "Pre-"La Paz county"" as I discovered through Wikipedia that the county itself was established in 1983. I'm trying to follow the route of I-10, as it goes from Phoenix through Quartzsite into California. This route is being taken by a motorist in the 1960s, but I want to find out - and I don't know quite how - if it's feasible that there were hamlets, villages or even a few houses in the region during the 1920s. What I'm looking to do here is create a ghost town that existed up to the early 1920s, before a murder drove the residents out of the community.

Due to the relatively young age of the county, trying to find information on demographics prior to 1980s is thus far difficult. If, based on the previous question, there were communities within the county in the 1920s that I can draw information on, would there be a predominant religion that the inhabitants would follow? Or would it be something of a mixed bag? I had hoped to do a service for the two murders that took place, but I would like to have an idea on what religion I need to focus my research on.

Wikipedia - "Quartzsite, Arizona"; "La Paz, Arizona", "La Paz County, Arizona".
Google - Arizona Maps (to try and narrow down communities)
Tags: 1920-1929, usa: arizona, usa: history (misc)

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