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Adoption Without Birth Certificate and Bridges in Ealing

Setting: 2006 London (Doctor Who universe, if it matters)
Question 1:
Search Terms Used: Adoption without birth certificate, born without birth certificate, adoption in UK
I also looked at a previous post on a similar subject while going through the entire child custody section on this site. However, there were enough differences between the situation that they had and the situation that I have that I decided to make this post.
The situation is that a thirteen-year old American girl is on vacation in London when she accidentally falls into an alternate universe. Although she has an alternate-universe counterpart, taking over her identity would not be practical as due to timey-wimeyness between universes, her counterpart is six, not to mention back home in America. The plot that I am planning calls for her to fall in with a family and possibly be adopted by them, and I was wondering how that would be feasible, if at all. Also, I was wondering if, despite having absolutely no records, other forms of identification or even any type of paper trail whatsoever, she would be able to still go to school, and if there would be any way for her to get identification so she would be able to have a job, get a drivers license, etc.
Question 2:(Same setting)
Search terms used: Ealing+bridges (that got me a bunch of bridge clubs), poking around the area on Google Earth's street view, I also looked at the Wikipedia page for Ealing.
I want this character to become trapped under a concrete bridge, preferably about overpass sized or similar, when said bridge collapses. The person would be running and trying to use the bridge for cover when it collapses, so somewhere easily accessible by foot or bike would also be great. Traffic would likely not be much of an issue for this situation, as there is an alien invasion going on and most everyone is either hiding, captured, or dead. Are there any bridges or underpasses in or near (meaning within around five minutes or so biking distance) Ealing that would fit these criteria?
If anyone could answer these questions, that would be great.

Edit: Thank you very much for all of the info. I'll make sure to take this into account when I write my story.
Tags: uk: london, ~custody & social services

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