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Child abuse from beyond the grave?

One of my stories set in Japan features a ghost as the villain, and not just any ghost either: she's the main protagonist's ancestor.  

In life she was pretty nasty; she was obsessed with having amazing descendants.  When her son failed to live up to her expectations, she treated him like crap.  Now, as a ghost roaming the earth, she continues to make life miserable for all her descendants (as none of them have ever reached her crazy ideals), namely siccing her unsavory "friends on the other side" on them.

I'm on the fence with this scenario though.  I can see her haunting​ her descendants and making life hell for them, but the using other ghosts/demons to carry out her deeds seems to be stretching it a bit (though she was a medium in life and had a kitsune as an ally) So I guess what I'm asking here is, does anyone know of any other ghost/supernatural myths or legends with similar themes?  (And they don't necessarily have to be Japanese in origin) 

I've done Wikipedia research on ghosts etc in Japanese folklore but nothing really seemed to fit.

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