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Fatal poisoning or ideas

Terms searched for: various combinations of; poisonous plants, animal poison, Japan, organ failure, infection like symptoms, blood poisoning. Working my way through the '~medicine: poisoning' tag.
Setting: Warring States period (Sengoku) Japan. Our world.

I need a character to murder a healthy female in her mid-teens and to get away with it.
The female character is recovering from or newly recovered (I haven't decided on which yet) from two broken legs. Ideally I want her death to appear to be due to some complications connected to her injury, and for it to work quickly enough/be serious enough for her not to be able to tell anyone. 

I'm thinking of some kind of poisoning, but the girls' private doctor would intervene if he noticed any obvious tampering with the wound and I also haven't found a poison that would give symptoms similar to an infection.

Does anyone have any idea of what sort of poison I could use or is my scenario impossible?

I'm more than open for suggestions, thank you in advance for any help.
Tags: 1400-1499, 1500-1599, japan (misc), ~medicine: poisoning

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