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Army Unit/Iraq War

HALP. I am overwhelmed by links! Research has fried my brain.

This is for a charity fic, so...

Basically, I have a character joining the Army in the summer of 2000. Ultimately, he becomes a Cavalry Scout with the 10th U.S. Cavalry. Here's my first question/problem. This site says: "Both types of scouts do, however, go through a special form of basic training called One Station Unit Training (OSUT). OSUT is longer than regular basic training and combines basic training with advanced MOS-specific training. Calvary Scouts attend Cavalry OSUT at Fort Knox, Kentucky."

However, this says: "Job training for Cavalry Scout requires Basic Training, where you learn basic Soldiering skills, and Advanced Individual Training, and 16 weeks of One Station Unit Training (OSUT)."

So do they do both Basic *and* OSUT, or just OSUT?

Second question: The 10th U.S. Cavalry was deployed to the Middle East and saw combat in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars and is still deployed in Iraq.

So once Basic/OSUT is completed, we are pretty close to the deployment date in 2001. My issue is - what unit is my character *in*? I get the idea that 1st/10th has smaller units within it, or is that my problem, and they *don't*, and i'm just confusing myself needlessly? Ist Squadron, 10th U.S Cavalry was there, but I don't find them listed in the Order of Battle: Were they supporting/part of a larger/other unit and so wouldn't be listed separately?

Basically - I'm drowning in info and links and *stuff*, but can't get this all narrowed down to what I need, which is the name or designation of the actual unit that this character would be in while running around in Baghdad trying not to die.

Any sort or help would be very much appreciated. I have *no* clue what tags to use.
Tags: ~military (misc)

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