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What conditions can cause a woman to be in a lasting frail state after giving a difficult birth?

My story is fantasy but I've based it around Britain in the Early Middle Ages. It's basically a retelling of Snow White.

I decided to tweak the story a bit and have her mother survive for awhile after Snow White's difficult birth, at least long enough before she gives birth to three other children.

The mother is often in a weakened, vulnerable state and some days is bedridden. I should also note that before she had Snow White she went through numerous miscarriages and stillborns. She dies later on in the story giving birth to her fourth child and I want to see if it can be linked from complications of her firstborn's birth.

My question is what sort of health conditions or disease or infections or what have you can she have to go through all that?

I've searched terms along the lines of: "pregnancy long-lasting effects," "birth lasting effect," "difficult birth effects" and so on. I only turned up with articles focusing on the infant's health, postpartum depression, and so on.
Tags: ~medicine: historical, ~medicine: illnesses (misc), ~medicine: reproduction, ~middle ages

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