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Übermensch and other Utopian ideals...

I am working on a book of my own, like pretty much everyone else here apparently.
The story's setting is placed in the far future, and one of the problems I am dealing with is fleshing out one of the nations involved.

The nation in question has a national religon/philosophy that is based upon the lifting up of the indiviual to higher levels or ideals, and as a result lift up the state.
Most of the basis of this set of beliefs is based upon the Gnostic biblical teachings, as well as a part of Friedrich Nietzsche's works. But I was wondering is there anyone or anything else that might also serve as a source of inspiration to help further flesh this out?

I have given Ayn Rand a shot, and that may go into another part of the story, but I would like to be able to have more to play around with as I bang on my keyboard.
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