A Guy Named Goo (aguynamedgoo) wrote in little_details,
A Guy Named Goo

Pre-Natal Care

Just curious, in England in 1925 would a woman be able to know if she was going to have twins or not, especially if she had no reason to suspect she was going to? The general set-up is that the woman didn't know she was going to have twins (which makes said "younger twin" feel like her being an unexpected inconvenience lead to her animosity with her mother). I tried Google and asking people, and the responses are mixed (the size would have been a tip off vs. some women just have big babies), so basically I want to know if there was an actual definitive way of knowing, rather than "someone would have suspected something", and whether a fairly well-to-do woman (who was married to a military doctor) in Britain would have had that option made available to her or would have been likely to take it.

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