keerawa (keerawa) wrote in little_details,

Modern British autopsy report format

I'm looking for some detailed information about modern civilian British post-mortem reports. The story involves a 'John Doe' who fell, jumped, or was pushed to his death, and the pathologist is working in morgue in a major London hospital.

Everything from typical number of pages, paper size, if they would be held in a manilla folder, headings, numbers of photos and X-rays, printed off a computer form or hand-typed, etc.

I've tried using Google and searching the NHS website with a variety of search terms such as autopsy post-mortem report format standards, which gave me a lot of interesting but irrelevant info about celebrity autopsies, the consent guidelines for post-mortem investigations, and some controversy around former policies that led to a huge stockpile of human remains in a certain British hospital that shall remain nameless.

Thanks so much for the help!
Tags: uk: health care and hospitals, ~forensics: corpses, ~law enforcement (misc)

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