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tracking/uses for smuggled diamonds in the US

time/place: USA, present day

Well, thanks to the answers to my earlier question, I've decided to have the smuggling ring running uncut diamonds instead of ID fraud (hey, it works with the pirate past of my location!)

1) Do all uncut diamonds look like clear rocks, or can they be dark/black rocks as well? I've seen a photo or two, but I think they were all the same source. Also, am I right in thinking that uncut diamonds can't really be tracked or identified?

2) most of my knowledge about the illegal uses of diamonds comes from TV shows. I remember hearing somewhere that diamonds are now tracked and listed on some kind of federal register, because under the Patriot act diamonds now qualify as 'terror funding' or something? Could someone confirm this for me, and possibly give me the correct wording, or even a website to look up the actual law?

3)I've looked up the Kimberley process, as part of gradually weeding 'blood diamonds' out of the world market. This is more of a retail question; if fake papers were produced when the uncut diamonds were sold to a member of The World Federation of Diamond Bourses (in this case, in NYC's diamond district), pronouncing them conflict-free, could they be worth more money?

looked up: diamonds+US+terror, blood diamonds, diamonds+patriot, Kimberley Process
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