salamandraga (salamandraga) wrote in little_details,

Non-viable hybrids

Setting: Fantasy world that's roughly equivalent to the later part of the Napoleonic Era.

I've got a group of villains who use magic to alter humans and animals to create things like angels, centaurs,  beast people, griffons, and such. All their experiments die fairly quickly because the magic is able to facilitate the change, but is unable to sustain the life of a nonviable hybrid.

1) What are the real-life implications of this and how can I describe these deaths in a way that people from the era would understand? I'm guessing that blood poisoning and septic shock leading to organ failure would kill the hybrids rather quickly.

2) What are some deaths I can describe that occur as a result of this? These don't need to be understood, but need to have some sort of external symptom that the protagonists can observe and be freaked out by. Bleeding, choking, and screaming might be enough, but I'm curious about what else could occur.

It's somewhat of a hard thing to research since most of the discussion of parahumans is about modern/future medicine,  deals with genetic engineering, and assumes viable hybridization.

Tags: ~science: biology (misc), ~science: biology: genetics

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