formysilence (formysilence) wrote in little_details,

Beginning of bipolar manic/hypomanic episode

For someone with bipolar disorder (in my story: ~16/17 year old male who also experienced symptoms in childhood, if that helps), how long does it take for a manic/hypomanic episode to set in? How does one knows if they are becoming manic or hypomanic?

From those I've seen with bipolar disorder, they say that they can feel an episode coming on, but I've never heard or asked about specific details regarding this before. Also, when I recently did a speech on bipolar disorder, all of the research articles I read from NIMH and various university databases only told me how long the manic episode would last once it set in, but not how long it took for it to begin. Thanks, any help would be appreciated! Even general information about writing bipolar disorder would help greatly, since I know it can be easily misunderstood.
Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry (misc)

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