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Mid-Atlantic US lawyers: do they have to retake the bar at intervals? etc.

Hello folks,

I'm coming across a major detail for a supporting character: it's an urban fantasy piece but he's supposed to be an essentially retired lawyer (having practiced largely in DC, MD, VA, DE, maybe a couple of other states such as NY but those are the main ones). However, even though he's supposedly retired from practice, he is still current and does occasionally advise.

However, I'm not sure if such a setup is possible. There's taking and passing all the state bars, which would be a feat in itself, but is there a re-certification or professional education requirement to keep the eligibility to practice for lawyers? Is it across the board, or does particular field of law factor into it?

I've tried to run searches - general ones though, because I haven't the faintest where to look. "Law in MD" or "becoming a lawyer in DC" gives me law schools and firm sites. x.x

Edit: Thanks everyone! I might have some other questions later, but this helps me greatly!
Tags: usa: government (misc)

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