Shannon Leight (sleightly) wrote in little_details,
Shannon Leight

Puritan Bible in 1720 (ish)

My character is a Puritan girl living in New England in the early 1700s.  As a good Puritan, she reads her Bible religiously (humor, har), and I want to quote a few sections that are personally meaningful to her.  So the question is, what Bible would she be reading?  It looks like either the Geneva Bible or the King James Bible, but I'm not sure.  The Geneva Bible seems to have been the primary Bible for Puritans in the 1600s, but its last printing was in the 1640s; would it still be read by 1720?

I've Googled history of the Bible, Puritan Bible, Cotton Mather Bible, Bible 1700, and various combinations of those.  I got really excited when I saw "Biblia Americana" pop up, but that's really not what I'm looking for.  I also looked at the Wikipedia entries on Cotton Mather, Puritans, Geneva Bible, and the KJV, but I might have missed the info.  Googling "King James Bible vs Geneva Bible" gets me a ton of sites wanting to tell me why one is better than the other.  Adding "Puritan" and/or "1700" doesn't help.

So, KJV, Geneva, or flip a coin and run with it?
Tags: 1720-1729, usa: history (misc), ~religion: christianity: historical

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