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Modified Poisons?

Hiya, I'm writing a fanfic of Lewis set in Oxford, England nowadays, well in about 8 years time but that counts as nowadays in my book.

Basically, what I want to know, is; Is it possible to manufacture or modify a poison so that it only effects and damages certain parts of the body.

The scenario is that the younger character has upset some people, and as a result, they want to kidnap his son. Unfortunately for them, he's there (along with his boss) when they attempt it. After he attacks them, they jab a needle in him (or a cloth over his mouth/some other method of getting poison in), which is filled with said poison. I want it to be hard for him to breathe and for him to experience paralysis. Preferably, the paralysis is only in his legs/abdomen. But if that's not possible and it has to be everywhere, then that's ok too. He has to be able to eventually recover, and medical help with be at hand soon. 

What I'm asking really; Is it possible for someone (with chemical know-how and stuff) to manufacture this, is it even possible to manufacture a poison like that?

And if it isn't, does anyone know of a poison that does this? I have looked at cyanide, but it has a whole host of other problems that aren't really helpful.

Search Terms used: poison that causes paralysis and difficulty breathing / possibility of manufacturing target specific poisons / cyanide poisoning / paralysis and lung problems due to poisoning.

Than you in advance :D
Tags: ~medicine: poisoning

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