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A Reason for CPR

Maybe you guys can help me out with a story I got stuck on a while ago because of this one little detail. I am looking for a reason for one character to use CPR on another.

Setting: Modern day, liberal arts college. A performance of a play is going on and something happens to one of the actors (guy in his early twenties) that he falls to the stage and another actor (who has basic medical training and would know that this is a situation in which CPR is required) has to use CPR on him to save his life, or at least sustain him long enough for professional help to get there and take over.

I Google-searched 'reasons to use CPR', 'medical reasons for CPR', 'CPR situations', and even just 'CPR'. I mostly keep coming across drowning or choking, neither of which would be possible during the production. I'm hoping for some kind of pre-existing condition that the guy could have that would, for one reason or another, require him to get CPR.

So what medical reason could I use for a character to go into state where CPR would be necessary?

-EDIT- Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions! You guys gave my a ton to think about and research further. Thank you for all your help!
Tags: ~medicine: emts/paramedics, ~medicine: illnesses to order

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