aka thelouringlady (iteari) wrote in little_details,
aka thelouringlady

Names of endearment in the Persian language.

Setting: San Francisco, modern.
Phrases Googled:"Persian endearments," "Persian flowers," "affectionate names in Persian."

One of my characters is a woman, an American and the daughter of a Mexican mother and an Iranian father; she is raised to be fluent in both languages and she often uses terms of endearments for her girlfriend in the Persian language. Now, her girlfriend's name is Violet and I want to come up with a nickname in Persian that's similar to that. Like, purple flower, or maybe a direct translation of Violet.

The endearments I Googled were far too general for me and when I searched for flowers in the Persian language, I just turned up with local fauna.

Any suggestions?
Tags: ~languages: farsi

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