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Education and training of GPs in Britain in the 1920s

I am trying to find out what the education and training was in Britain for a doctor who was going to go into General Medical Practice in the 1920s. From the information which I have managed to find through Googling various combinations of '1920s', 'GP', 'General Practitioner', 'education', 'training', 'British', 'medical', 'doctor', 'Britain', and 'history', I think that my character was probably at either Birmingham University or King's College, London (ie the 'new' institutions). I have looked around the websites for both of these institutions but haven't found anything useful there.

I can't find any specifics as to what classes would have been like, what would have been studied, the balance of 'on the job' training in hospitals, and taught lectures etc. Would a student have been assigned to a particular hospital doctor or tutor or GP? Would a student have had any training in General Practice at all? My research has confused me on the question of whether the Medical degrees were specific undergraduate courses, or whether they were purely postgraduate. If the latter, then what first degree would have been a suitable qualification for it, and where would that have been taken?

I would be very grateful for any information on this subject, or recommendations of books or websites. I have tried searching Amazon for suggestions of books to buy on the subject, but can't tell whether any of them would be likely to cover what and when I'm wondering about, and they tend to be pretty expensive, which I'm loathe to pay out if I'm going to get no relevant information or only a couple of lines.

Thank you!
Tags: 1920-1929, uk: history (misc), ~medicine: historical, ~medicine: medical education

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