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child maid of honor?

Two characters are getting married, and they have a daughter who's about 9 years old. I did some research on the roles of children in weddings, and it seems that girls can be junior bridesmaids beginning at the age of eight years.

The thing is, though, the bride in my story has just moved to a new country, and she isn't really close to anyone yet. Her family is out of the picture because of personal differences. So, I was wondering if it would be weird, or too outrageous, to have the 9-year-old daughter be the maid of honor. There's another character who's older who could be the maid of honor, but I would prefer that the daughter be in that role. If it would seem too strange, though, I can give the role to the older character.

My novel's a satire, so things are a little different, but I don't want their wedding to be too strange. I want things to be believable for the wedding, at least. So, any help is greatly appreciated.



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