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Hypoglycemic Seizure: Duration & Paramedic Response

Search terms used: hypoglycemic seizure duration, emergency response hypoglycemic seizure, emt response hypocglycemic seizure, emergency response non-epileptic seizure

Setting: present day

My character is a middle aged man in Canada in the present day. In the scene I'm trying to write right now, he's experiencing a hypoglycemic seizure for the first time, and his wife will be calling for the paramedics. He is not diabetic, so that wouldn't come to mind for her, but she has noticed a major change in his eating habits.

Question #1: Most of what I've found about this type of seizure talks about stopping it by introducing glucose into the body. Do all hypoglycemic seizures continue until the blood sugar level is raised, or do they stop on their own eventually, either completely or briefly before recurring?

Question #2: What sort of questions would the paramedics be asking to determine what's happening? Once it's been made clear that he doesn't have a seizure disorder and hasn't recently changed/stopped medications, would the possibility of it being a hypoglycemic seizure be the option they would be attempting to rule out, or would they ask other things? Once the wife says that he isn't diabetic, would they ask other questions, or would they move on to another seizure cause and miss the hypoglycemia altogether? I don't want to kill this character, so obviously they need to figure it out in a timely manner.  
Tags: canada: health care and hospitals, ~medicine: emts/paramedics, ~medicine: epilepsy/seizures (misc), ~medicine: illnesses: diabetes

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