The Deadly Jelly Baby (laughinggas13) wrote in little_details,
The Deadly Jelly Baby

Epilepsy and Joining the Police (England, 1910s)

Does anyone know whether having epilepsy would disqualify you from joining the police, roughly around 1916? I know it does these days, and I know it would have got my character disqualified from joining the Army back then, so it seems logical to assume that it was also a bar to being a policeman, but I would like to know for sure. If it is a bar, how plausible is it that he could conceal his condition, if he has the help of a doctor friend to write him a statement of health? 

I've tried googling: 'police recruitment requirements 1910s', 'joining the police with epilepsy 1910s', substituting 'world war 1' for '1910s', and searching for 'epilepsy' on the Metropolitan Police's website, but that only turns up modern policies and crimes from the 1910s with epileptic victims/criminals.

Tags: 1910-1919, uk: history (misc), ~law enforcement (misc), ~medicine: epilepsy/seizures (misc), ~medicine: historical

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