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Upscaling firearms

Setting: Fantasy world with a tech-level roughly equivalent to the later part of the Napoleonic Era with magic.

In addition to the regular sort of magician there are myrmidons who whose magic expresses itself physically as augmented strength. They're closer to Captain America than the Hulk though in terms of strength though. In earlier eras they were heavy infantry and knights. As time wore on, and guns were introduced they simply wore more and more armor. But, as in real-life, the development of firearms outpaced the development of armor so the myrmidons mostly function as grenadiers and cuirassiers

Given that they're stronger than normal men, I've upscaled their weaponry. A few use muskets, carbines, musketoons, and blunderbusses in larger than normal calibers and some carry nock guns - since the real-life problems of recoil aren't so big of an issue with myrmidons. Myrmidons are murderous when armed with grenades since a single man can essentially function as a mortar - which makes the hand mortar somewhat redundant. Are there any other weapons that I'm overlooking? I've been thinking more and more about throwing in a man-portable version of the Puckle gun or somehow finding a way to turn a small cannon ( a falconet or a robinet) into a shoulder fired weapon.  
An melee weapons are far from obsolete. As in real life, the cavalry charge is not only viable but essential. The temptation is to make them huge, but my gut says this is impractical. A normal sized weapon makes more sense in close combat and alleviates the problem of cutting apart your own allies in the press of battle in addition to allowing you to use one indoors. I'd guess that a super strong dude might make more use of his strength by swing a relatively normal sized weapon at higher speeds. I also figure that they'd be fairly deadly when tossing tomahawks or chakrams.

Any ideas? Thanks.
Tags: 1810-1819, ~military (misc), ~weapons: firearms

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