tetsui_no_tate (tetsui_no_tate) wrote in little_details,

Therapy for PTSD and memory gaps!

Was just wondering if someone could offer me some help and advice on treatment of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and of repressed memories. I have several characters in my current project who are in need of therapy (well, truth is 99% of them probably need it, but these three are actually going to get it!).

First off, does anyone know techniques for helping someone confront "buried" memories that relate to a traumatic event? Would it involve some sort of hypnosis, or free-association exercises, or what? It doesn't have to *work*... one of the characters involved doesn't actually have memory loss, she just pretends to, and the other's gaps are of a different nature that regular psychotherapy can't really help with. I just need one or two examples of things a shrink might try.

Second, this is a very good resource for PTSD, what it involves and how it's treated. But is there anything else you guys think I need to know?

Third, the story starts in present-day Tokyo. Would psychological treatment be readily available? Is it horribly expensive, as here in the West? And would there be a social stigma attached to it, as in "the neighbors mustn't find out our daughter's crazy!"?

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