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Geneticist requiring interdisciplinary help from an engineer/physicist

My characters are scientists that I'm trying to bring together over a shared project. So, I'm looking for a problem a well-funded expert in genetics (specifically genetic mutation) might need help with in his research from an engineer or a physicist. This is a "superhero-type genetic mutations" universe, so it's okay if the research this problem turns up in is not plausible in terms of real world science. :-)

The geneticist in question is both good and an original thinker, and his own expertise isn't that narrowly confined to his own discipline. So it really would have to be specialist expertise in a different field that he needs help with.

I want the engineer/physicist to impress the geneticist with his suggestions on how to proceed in order to find a solution for the problem. I don't need an actual solution, just an idea of which direction research should take in a way that would make sense. Ideally, the engineer/physicist would suggest several avenues of research - the "traditional" one(s) everyone with any knowledge in the field will automatically suggest, as well as something original, brilliant.

It's fine if there is some techno-babble involved, since this is essentially science fiction. I can also fudge the details. I do, however, want the basic premise to be related to science in the actual world as much as possible.

I have googled various combinations of "genetics research physics" and the like, but - unsurprisingly - nothing helpful has turned up.

Thank you very much for any suggestions or pointers!
Tags: ~science (misc), ~science: biology: genetics, ~science: physics
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