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Architecture of an ancient Greek fishing village

Hi everyone! I'm working on a story which is set in Bronze Age Greece - well, sort of, as in, more based on a recent movie-Bronze Age Greece than anything which really historically happened.

But I still want my Bronze Age fishing village to be fairly realistic, and it's killing me that I can't picture what it would look like. Would there be houses made of stone or wood? And 'houses' would mean one-room huts, I think, or not?

I've searched a lot (I won't say 'googled' because I used DuckDuckGo, which doesn't have quite the same cachet when you turn it into a verb) but mainly I get detailed descriptions of temples and palaces, and in one exception, a big 'house of many rooms' which was a residence for the whole village. But that's not what I had in mind, it's inland, and I supect it wouldn't work on the coast. I basically want a small, very humble coastal fishing village, and no, search engine, I don't want to buy an 'ancient' house in a Greek village (when did 17th Century become 'ancient'?).

Have used the following search terms: ancient Greek fishing village, ancient Greek architecture, Greek fishing and many similar ones.

Thanks for any help!

Edit: Thanks everyone! I feel my question has been answered and I know what to do now! Thanks so much for all your help!
Tags: 0 ce and before, greece: history, ~architecture

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