maine_sn0wflake (maine_sn0wflake) wrote in little_details,

Full Care for Large 3rd Degree burns.

Before I start I searched for 'burns,' '3rd degree burns,' 'care 3rd degree burns,' 'how to tend 3rd degree burns,' '3rd degree burn first aid,' and 'immediate care 3rd degree burns.'

The story takes place in today's world. The character is supernatural and is about 500 years old, but appears about 40 and can heal quickly, once he gets proper care. Due to this he can't go to the hospital after getting 3rd degree burns from an open bonfire reaching from his palms to his elbow, as well as 2nd degree burns around his ankle, but the friend helping him is almost qualified (he was an EMT for about 5 years, 10 or so years ago), and they have a fully stocked professional first aid kit. Before getting the friend to help he had it wrapped in an ace bandage for an hour at most.

Just a side note, the arms had wool sleeves covering them when the burn happened.

I need to know how the burn would be cared for once the friend started helping and what kind of care would be needed after the 'not-quite-professional' help was given.
Tags: ~medicine: burns & smoke inhalation

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