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Famous luxury cars of the 1930s / German slang in the 1930s

Genre: Dieselpunk-espionage-military-thriller
Setting: New York
Time: 1938-1941

One of my main characters is a young business magnate/inventor/playboy/billionaire (think Howard Hughes). He loves technology and engineering and he probably owns more than a dozen cars. Now I googled luxury cars 1930s, famous cars, vintage cars, etc and I found some nice ones (Bugatti or Duesenberg), but I feel still pretty insecure.
What do you think which cars would a guy like him own? What were the best, most expensive luxury cars of this era? Which ones would he use to show off, to impress dates or other guys and which ones would be the most comfortable to drive, which one would be the fastest, the newest, the best etc. It should be incredibly expensive luxury cars featuring the newest technology etc.

Another question: I found a lot about American and British slang of the 1930s, but does any of you know where I could find out more about the German slang of the 1930s? German is my native language so I'm going to write the story in German, but I find it pretty hard, if not impossible, to translate things like "Bee's knees" etc. Is there any chance to find contemporary translations? Obviously online dictionaries like LEO provide explanations for the words or modern translations but not adequate correspondents.
I would also content myself with German slang of the 1930s instead, but I didn't find anything useful so far.
Google didn't provide to be helpful, mostly because I didn't know how to translate "slang" - "Umgangssprache" and "Jargon" didn't really work out. Any ideas?
Tags: 1930-1939, 1940-1949, germany: history, usa: history (misc), ~cars, ~languages: german

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