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LA, likely chain of events after stroke of grandmother regarding custody of minor granddaughter

Keywords: Los Angeles, California, African American, Hospital, Child Custody, Poverty

I'm writing a story and have got a bit stuck and am hoping you guys can help. I have searched the archives and found a lot of useful info but not exactly what I need to know.

I have a character who is about 15. She lives with her grandmother who is her only relative, both parents are deceased. She comes back from school one day and finds her grandmother has had a stroke or heart attack, and calls 911. What happens next? Would there be any trouble about an ambulance not coming because they're not insured? Would the ambulance go to a bad neighbourhood? Would the hospital not accept the ambulance because the grandmother isn't insured? What would happen at the hospital - I presume social services would be called, but how quickly would they get there and what would happen in the meantime? How long would granddaughter be waiting by herself at the hospital?

Grandmother is in her early 50s. They're poor. What part of LA are they likely to live in (South Central?), and what sort of house/apartment would it be? What sort of job would Grandma be likely to have? I was thinking something like a teacher, but I don't know if that would be too 'good' a job for their socio economic status. Would she automatically have insurance via her job?

Grandma dies in the hospital after a few days. What would happen to the granddaughter? Would she go to an orphanage or into foster care?

Both Grandma and Granddaughter are African American. Timeline on this is recent - 2000s but before the new health care.

I have googled and found some info but it's more the chain of events happening on a practical level that I need to know about rather than separate facts. Googled search terms:

hospital social services child minor la california

I have looked up areas of LA on Wikipedia and come up with them living in South Central:
Tags: usa: california, ~custody & social services

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