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America 1940s : indoor heating & ranching in winter


I tried going through the 1940s, ~world war ii, world war tags and retags (retags?) in the comm before deciding to bother you all with this. It's basically two questions, both relating to USA in the 1940s.
1. what was the general way to heat a home out in the Southwest, say, Colorado? My MC is a well-to-do rancher who rebuilt his home with the modern conveniences avail to him at the time (ie: fridge, gas stove, radio, indoor toilet). There is a fireplace in the central sitting room, but the bedrooms are upstairs.

My question is: would there be another way as well to heat the home at that time especially in the winter like a boiler? If no, how would a ranch stay warm in the winter then?

2. The same ranch in question is a plains ranch with cattle, no farming, so haying is normally done by September. What would the normal activities be from November to Feb though? I know cattle are moved to winter pastures for grazing, but is there anything else a rancher needs to concern with?
Search Terms used: 1940s indoor heating, history of homes, world war ii living, ranch homes, ranching winter, ranch winter 1940s, southwest ranches winter, post world war ii ranches

Note: the above terms got me a lot of dude ranch vacations for skiing. I've also downloaded Theodore Roosevelt's Ranching memoirs, but it is about 1899-1919 so there were disparities.
Tags: 1940-1949, usa: colorado, usa: history: world war ii, ~world war ii

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