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1970's Russian Physics

I am working on a background for a new RPG character. I have some flexibility in dates, but I am a bit confused and am trying to map everything out. My character is a female scientist who specializes in plasma physics. Her power armor is powered by a Tokamak Reactor. I would like her to have studied under or been mentored by Lev Artsimovich who is known as the Father of The Tokamak. I know he died in 1973. But I can't find much on his academic career or if he gave lectures. So here are my questions.

1) If she is born in 1952, would she have been able to study under or attend a lecture by him while in undergrad (or the Russian equivalent)?

2) If #1 is possible is it likely that she studied at Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences?

3) Where would she have studied for a PHD (or equivalent) in plasma physics and how long would it have taken?

Google searches: Plasma Physics; Russian physics education 1970; Lev Artsimovich
Tags: 1970-1979, russia: education, russia: history, ~science: physics

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