hyarrowen (hyarrowen) wrote in little_details,

Planetary orbits in the early 15th century

Can anyone recommend sites which would show the orbits of all planets for 1420 or thereabouts?  (ETA: Comets would be nice, too.)

I've tried Stellarium, Solstation, and Astronomy Workshop. Search terms like “orbits of the planets” “historical planetary orbits” and “planetary orbits fifteenth century” result in the history of the solar system or the history of astronomy - but I just want to know which constellations the planets were in. A specific search using 1420 as a term came up with something way beyond my comprehension.

I've got a fairy slow connection and don't want to shell out for software!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ETA 2: it's for a Shakespeare fanfic, so I don't want to make any astrological howlers - but then again, Shakespearean time is kind of fluid, so I've got a wide choice of dates to work with.

Tags: 1400-1499, ~science: astronomy
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