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Regional terms in Louisiana, Katrina, Misc.

Hi folks,

More from me. Last one for awhile, promise. :) I have a contest coming up and want to be sure I get the details right before I get started to save myself a little revision later.

Background info: Takes place in slightly futuristic (15-20 years in the future) AU-ish setting (technology has developed in a different direction than ours has, there's magic in very limited quantities, that sort of thing). MC is an early 20s man who originally comes from St. Bernard Parish, moves when Katrina hits (he was a very young child when it happened, or in the very least, his older sister would remember it), and may possibly (depending on the answers I get here) move back there with family when things get habitable again.

Thus, my questions are:

1. Are there things they still say in St. Bernard people may not say anymore in New Orleans that would be common in the 20-30 age group? I've already got answers on what fizzy sugar water is called there (soft drink/name of product versus generic 'soda'/name of product here), as well as athletic shoes (tennis shoes versus sneakers here), and what the contraption you put your groceries in is labeled (shopping cart/buggy versus just plain shopping cart here). I gather things like 'make the groceries' would be familiar to the MC based on what older people say, but he still wouldn't use them himself.

2. How long did it take from the time of Katrina happening to things becoming habitable again? I know based on other answers that things have changed massively since the hurricane, many people have moved out and not come back yet, but some have.

3. MC is making the move to the northeast with his sister. For those of you who have made a similar move, did you notice any differences in the way people behaved where you came from versus where you moved to? As a more specific example, I once went to Virginia and was very surprised to find people were more laid back, friendly, in less of a rush, and so on. I wondered if similar applied. I also wondered what the weather in Louisiana is generally like. I think the MC might get a surprise at how cold his new home is in comparison. :)


How long did it take people to live in St. Bernard parish after Katrina?
Regionalistic terms in Louisiana/St. Bernard Parish/New Orleans

I'll be plugging away on a contest entry, but helpful answers are always appreciated. If in doubt, please err on the side of being more detailed. Thanks!

Edit: Think I have the basics to what I need. Thank you!
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