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New England's Snootiest Department Stores?

Let me preface this by saying NEW YORK CITY IS NOT AN OPTION. Thanks.

Setting: southern Connecticut, June 2007

Searched: Uh, technically if I knew precisely what to search I wouldn't need to post this question, but so far I've tried the websites of almost every mall in the relevant state, as well as every department store I've ever heard of, but all it's done is confuse me.

What I need: A list of the top 7-10 best high end department stores in Connecticut, with special attention paid to:

+Where would someone with old money and a lot of class go vs. where would someone considered nouveau riche go? (I need several examples of both.)

+The best place to shop for women's clothing (formal wear and casual, both adult and teen), and the best place to shop for men's (adult casual) clothing?

+Where would a middle aged to elderly woman with staid states but a lot of money shop vs. where would a stylish younger woman (also with a lot of money) shop?

I realize in most instances people with serious money would be heading for New York city and/or boutiques, but I need stores that are in malls, in Connecticut. I do not need specific malls or shopping centers, I just need the names of several different stores that theoretically existed in Connecticut in 2007.

(I couldn't find any other relevant tags to put this under. If I've missed one I'm sorry.)
Tags: usa: connecticut

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