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Japanese Honorifics Question: mid-thirties businessman to highschool female?

I have searched read the Wikipedia page on honorifics and searched google with various phrasings like "actual usage of chan" and "enjo kosai honorifics", but at this point the general How Not To Offend All The People advice isn't what I need.

My situation is this: for the past few weeks, a moderately successful corporate laywer (between thirty-four and thirty-six) has been talking to a sixteen year old girl on the ride back home. They're basically trying to discuss the possibility of compensated dating, though they haven't really gotten that far.

I have lots of questions here, but they boil down to: is compensated dating (without sex) ever intimate enough for given names to be used, or would that still be inappropriate?

If my laywer were going to deliberately startle my highschooler by being overly familiar/intimate, would he shorten her given name before the honorific, or would he just call her by her given name?

Some leeway is fine, since for Inexplicable Plot Reasons, inhibitions are going to be lowered. But I'd still like to have some idea of where they stand on the social superior/inferior scale, even if the actual honorifics don't make it to the final draft.
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