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New Orleans Questions

Hello fellow Detailers,

I've been looking to fill in some character details and need some finishing touches.

Setting and background: Slightly futuristic America, about 40ish years in the future. MC is a 20ish year old Caucasian male, raised in Louisiana. I haven't established which specific neighborhood firmly in my own head yet, although I do have a few things about his background thus far:

He's lower-middle class, with the 'yat accent,' probably a little on the thicker side for a present day, younger resident. I've read on Wikipedia that such an accent is fading in the city and can be heard thicker out in the suburbs, but it pervades most of the city to some degree depending on economic class/age. I'm willing to put him out there for a fair chunk of time and move him into the city later if needed. I just need a specific area/neighborhood to fit the bill.

My second set of questions is about Mardi Gras (apropos given that it just happened!).

1. Where do locals go to see the floats and eat? I've heard to avoid Bourbon Street because of the tourist influx.

2. How is it after the tourists leave? I read people jokingly refer to the day after Fat Tuesday as 'Trash Wednesday.' And, is it more often called Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday there?


Is it 'Mardi Gras' or 'Fat Tuesday' in New Orleans?
Looked up things about St. Bernard and different areas of New Orleans
Youtube (with the 80s video showcasing the different accents, not sure how accurate it still is presently).

Thanks for any help. I may not get time to thank everyone individually, but responses are appreciated!

Edit 2: I've stopped watching this thread, so if I don't respond to anyone right away, please bear that in mind. Thanks!

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