Dolichomorphic Bonesetter (deleriumd) wrote in little_details,
Dolichomorphic Bonesetter

Job title confusion

I've scoured the archives of this community, and tried Google and Wiki with no luck.

In some books I've read, there was a servant position in the 1700s onward called an 'abigail'. I know it's a female maidservant for women of status, however I cannot find a full description or origin of the word.

As far as I've been able to figure out: The position existed in Europe, and it seemed to be a position that only women required. The problem is that now 'Abigail' is a name, so most searches on Wiki and Google give me the names of various people named Abigail and the fun adventures they had.

If anyone can offer help, I would be most appreciative. Having this question rattle around in my head is driving me batty.
Tags: 1700s (no decades given), europe: history
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