Morgan Briarwood (briarwood) wrote in little_details,
Morgan Briarwood

Arrest and Search warrants (USA)

A couple of possibly dumb questions, but I'm damned if I can find the answers anywhere I trust to be accurate.

My story is set in Washington State, USA. There are a couple of different ways I can go with this story, and which I pick sort of depends on the answers to the following:

1. When someone is arrested for a crime, how long can they be held by the police before being charged? (In the UK it's 48 hours, which can be extended by court order by, I think, up to three further days. Then they have to either press charges or let the suspect go.)

2. When a judge issues a warrant to let the cops search a person's home, do they have any obligation to inform that person if they are not at home when the search is conducted?

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