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Homemade Tear Gas IEDs circa 1860

Yes, I know they weren't used until World War One.  But my story involves a brilliant doctor/chemist from the 21st century, and I think he would know how to make tear gas bombs to throw into battle.  (Since a common battle technique was for the soldiers to ride into the crowd, slashing away with their swords, it seems logical that he would resort to tear gas.)

I've searched "How to make tear gas," "how to make military grade tear gas", "tear gas bombs," etc.  But I'm going in circles.  Partly because most of what I read is about capacin-based pepper spray. I've looked at, YouTube, and Google.

Here's my question: would the hero be able to make tear gas bombs out of one-gallon pottery wine jugs and stopping them up with sealing wax?  How would he transport them?  Does there have to be an accelerant?  If so, what?  Assuming there's more than one person making the bombs, how do they make more than one set-up?

Thanks so much to everybody who has give me so many answers over the past year.
Tags: 1860-1869, history (misc), ~explosive & explosions

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