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Speech impediments with a Glasgow grin

I've got a character who was kidnapped as a child and disfigured with a very nasty Glasgow grin. He escaped when he was about 16, and pretty much had it re-carved every time he had a noticeable growth spurt. I'm wondering what kind of effect this would have on his speech, since he's practically missing both of his cheeks (but his lips are in-tact; drawing after cut). For some reason when trying to think this out I'm imaging that he'd have trouble making 'w' and 'o' sounds, among others, but that's more from just miming words with my mouth and seeing what kinds of sounds need cheek puffing/exhaling/what have you.

I've looked through the torture tag and a couple medicine ones and came up with nothing.

Not sure on the setting, really, maybe 1980's France? He's rather contemporary.
Tags: ~languages (misc), ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~torture

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