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Day-to-day life in a Japanese elementary school (specifically small town)/blindness accommodation?

So I have a kid character who's been homeschooled/informally taught before moving to a small town in Japan. She's noticeably not Japanese and hasn't had any introduction to the culture, though she's been taught the language and is conversationally fluent. She's about nine or ten years old.

I already know she's going to hate chopsticks with a passion at first, and the strictness of the school schedule.

Thing is, I don't have a clear idea of what that schedule is. I've tried Googling "typical day in Japanese elementary school", "Japanese elementary school curriculum" and "Japanese elementary school schedule". I've also looked up the Wikipedia pages for Japanese education and Japanese elementary schools. These provide overviews, but not enough details for me to feel comfortable writing.

So I need some tips, advice, and minutiae. An idea of a typical day? Little things that might cause her to stumble? Things to keep in mind on this topic in general?

And one more thing: She's blind (only has a vague sense of her surroundings being light/dark). What sort of accommodations might be given, and could any of those possibly create any other little stumbling blocks?

(This is actually not for an original work; if anyone happens to know the specific character and context that would be of more help, but generic info is perfectly fine.)

EDIT: I think I may have enough to write with now, but if anyone sees something other people missed or want to add something anyway, feel free! More info is always better!
Tags: japan: education, ~blindness

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