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Adoptions in UK: real father adopts his natural son

The story is about character A and character B who have a child. Character A doesn't know that character B (the woman) is pregnant and doesn't know that she gave their child into adoption.
After sixteen years, the son meets the mother who tells him that character A is his father.
If the son is in foster care and character A has never been recognized by the character B as the father of their son is it possible for character A to adopt his son?
Is it possible to recognize character A as the natural father with a DNA test? Is it legal? And how long are the procedures of permanently adopting the son?

I looked for "adoption in uk", "adoption england" and "foster care". I also looked in sites like, and wikipedia.
On the wikipedia's page for "foster care" I've read: When it is deemed in the child's best interest. This is generally the first choice.

On adoptionuk I found:  Prospective adopters are invited to attend an adoption panel meeting, which recommends to the agency whether or not they should be approved as adopters. The agency’s decision on whether they are approved or not should be given orally within two days and in writing within five days.  

Is this the same procedure if one of the adpter is the real father?
Also in the same site:
Once the child has been in placement for at least ten weeks, the adoptive parents can apply for an adoption order. The order means that all PR for the child is transferred to the adopters. The child is now a full member of their new family, and can take the family’s surname.
So I guess this is the same and only procedure for every kind of adoptions?
On the site (but it's mostly about US) I found a detailed guide for adoptions but nothing about a father adopting from foster care his real son.

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