pargoletta (pargoletta) wrote in little_details,

Time for MRI image processing

Setting: Contemporary London

Character is having an emergency MRI scan of an assault injury. From what I know of MRIs, the scan itself will probably take about half an hour to forty-five minutes. The question is: how soon after the scan is finished can the doctors begin to evaluate the results?

The imaging procedures I have direct experience with are X-rays and CT scans. X-rays take time to be developed, and my encounter with the CT scanner was mediated by an IV of sweet, sweet morphine, so I have no idea how long that image evaluation took. Most of the literature I've been able to find on MRIs deals with pre-scheduled scans where you make a separate appointment to go over the results with your doctor afterwards. But this is an emergency room situation, and the question is whether or not to admit Character overnight for observation. How soon can his doctors begin discussing that?

Thanks in advance!
Tags: uk: health care and hospitals, uk: london

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