The Matrix Refugee (matrixrefugee) wrote in little_details,
The Matrix Refugee

Victorian/Edwardian terms for gay or bisexual men

I'm writing a delightfully awkward bit of fanfic where two drunk men about town in London of the 1880s decide to try snogging each other -- and enjoy it, to their surprise. I'm planning a bit of banter afterward as they somewhat tipsily try to make sense of it all, by playfully insulting each other (canonically, they have a definite bromance going on, complete with teasing each other by using mischievous sobriquets/insults as compliments, almost on the order of the Winchester brothers' "Bitch"-"Jerk" exchange, only considerably more verbose) via slang terms for gay or bi men. I've been Googling "Victorian slang for gay men" and "Victorian gay slang", but have only found one or two words buried here and there in the middle of general Victorian sex slang dictionaries. Any help weeding them out??
Tags: 1880-1889, uk: history (misc), uk: history: victorian era, ~homosexuality: history

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