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Suspect/person of interest & media coverage of mystery murder

In modern day USA where most people don't believe in magic,  a mysteriously burned body has been found by with Character A's finger prints on it in the parking lot outside a country club where a wedding took place. In reality, the body was burned magically by Character B (and the investigators don't know magic is possible), and Character A was trying to put out the flames and save the victim's life. Then Character B kidnaps Character A. Both Character A and B were wedding guests, and while the authorities questioned Character B because he was related to the victim, they don't suspect him. The authorities will declare Character A missing. 

Ultimately, the authorities need to declare Character A either a "person of interest" or "suspect". I googled "person of interest or suspect" and "person of interest suspect difference" and found that persons of interest are just people who the police want to talk to for their investigation, and while persons of interest can become suspects, this isn't always the case. 

1)  Would the fingerprints be enough for the police to declare Character A a suspect or would they just call her a person of interest?

2) Would a suspect/person of interest in an investigation of a mysteriously burned body of a random citizen (not a politician or anyone high profile) be important enough to broadcast all over the news, even in a different state, especially considering that the suspect/person of interest is missing?

Sorry if I tagged or formatted this wrong. Just found this community. (It's very awesome. You guys are amazing.) Also, I'm typing this out on my iPod, so hopefully I caught all the typos, but if I didn't, heh, sorry. 
Tags: ~arson, ~forensics: corpses, ~law enforcement (misc)

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