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Lake Superior Weather Signs

Researched: Weather signs Lake Superior, storm signs lake superior.

Setting: Apocryphal island 5 to 10 miles south of Caribou. ie. It doesn't exist in our reality, although there's a map with it from the late 1700s. Geography ended up slightly different in the world of the story.

Time period: Current time, late October. Not quite into the storm season but close enough that there are going to be a few beauties headed the island's way.

Question: Lake Superior's storms are well known. What I'm not finding is a description of what sort of signs the inhabitants of the area see to warn that a storm is coming, nor what direction the storm typically heads when it's there. For example, here in the Miami Valley, we get weather from west to east for the most part. What would a storm do over Lake Superior?

Also, if there are any otter related folktales from the region they'd be useful, too. I've searched for Obijiwa folktales, Algonquin folktales and just general ones, but the internet doesn't seem to have a good selection.
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