Esther-Channah (dragonbat2006) wrote in little_details,

Sign Languages other than ASL

Google Search Terms: Sign Languages of the World

Is there one sign language which is more recommended for international travellers? In other words, if a person is fluent in English, French, Spanish, Russian, and German, they can probably make themselves understood in most parts of the world. Is there a signed equivalent? Either one which is used in a majority of countries or one that is used—for example—for the majority of instructional videos?

My character is American, but his job requires him to travel often. He knows ASL already, but I'm wondering whether he should try to learn BANZSL or whether there's a better choice.

Also, if BANZSL is the best choice, how would that be pronounced? Like "Banzil"?


(Edited to fix a typo.)
Tags: ~languages: sign languages

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