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Pro-Angevin Houses in the First Barons' War?

Setting: England & Normandy, 1200-1220.

Help! I have two questions, fairly closely related:

First, I'm looking for Anglo-Norman houses of some repute -- preferably of the sort who were awarded their land, titles, kudos, etc. by William I/II or Henry I -- who aligned themselves with King John and the pro-Angevin forces during the First Barons War. They needn't have been holding castles against Louis and the rebel barons, or anything. Just a sort of a wink-wink-nod-nod-we're-on-your-side-Johnny-boy sort of thing would do.

I've already ruled out the Marshals and the de Veres for various reasons, but mostly, I just need a name that will strike readers as Anglo-Norman and transparently of noble blood, y'know? Honestly, the de Veres would be ideal (one of John's noted cronies; really obviously patrician name; yada, yada, yada), but I'm already using them for another subplot in the story and don't want to intertwine the two -- it would just get totally ungainly. I already have a list of John's 'evil counsellors', but none of them are really what I'm looking for. (If what I'm looking for even exists. *coughs*) Cronies, allies, passing comrades -- I'd love to hear about any of them.

I've ordered Ralph V. Turner's assessment on John's reign ('England's Evil King') from Amazon, but I live in an intellectual wasteland, and the local library can't order anything else. I'm also referencing this article already posted on little_details, but if there is any additional ideas, I'd love to hear them!

Second: Can anyone recommend a list of castles (other than Rochester and Hedingham, that is) John and the pro-Angevins laid siege to?

Thank you all so much!
Tags: uk: history: middle ages, ~middle ages

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