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Proving citizenship of a natural born child born in a brothel in a underage trafficking situation

Setting: Modern/near-future, Realistic, USA, Vermont
Details: Two children, one Vietnamese, one of Hispanic/Black decent but born on US soil. Both under the age of 10. The boy has been used for pedeophiliac purposes since around the age of four when he was kidnapped from an orphanage in Vietnam (his parents are deceased and he has no other family) and smuggled into the USA. He has trauma resulting from this as well as being positive for HIV. He is now approximately 9. The little girl was born to another child in the brothel who died during child birth and the child was disposed of only to be rescued by the boy. She's three and has fairly severe developmental and physical problems (cannot walk only speaks in single words at most and a limited sign language the two children came up with as well as medical issues relating to being given cow's milk as an infant and general malnutrition) but was kept from being sexually abused by the boy.

Now they are in foster with the two MC of the story at the MCs ranch in VT. The MCs are attempting to figure out how to legally adopt them, but both children are without paperwork and the boy is an illegal in the country because of trafficking. I figure that the boy could apply for a SIJS visa at worse, but would more likely be eligible for a T or U visa due to the nature of his being in the country. What I cannot figure out is how would the girl be proven a citizen as there was no documentation of her birth and the only one who can really prove she's always been in the USA is the abused boy.

I have searched for "child born in US without documentation" and "documenting child born alone in USA" and "natural born child without birth certificate" but I predominately am finding first articles about Barak Obama and second articles basically saying that there would have to be proof of a pregnancy or multiple witnesses to prove her birth. Can anyone help me figure out a way that this child can be adopted into this family and gain her citizenship?
Tags: usa: government (misc), usa: vermont, ~adoption, ~custody & social services

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