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Life in Petersburg (Petrograd) during the Revolution of 1917

I have been googling my brains out these past few weeks looking up information for this time period. For the record my sources thus-far have been Robert Massie's " The Romanovs: The Final Chapter " Edvard Radzinsky's " The Last Tsar " and Rachel Polonsky's " Molotov's Magic Lantern "
My library unfortunately has precious little information on this particular time period. I'm also reading through this


The Catastrophe by A.F. Kerensky

It's all been helpful in terms of giving me an overall understanding of the politics of the situation but there are still a few tiddly details I have so far been unable to pinpoint for the purpose of my story.

1) I have a young woman living with her mother, grandmother and several younger siblings in Petrograd. Her father died a war hero in the recent conflict. Were any provisions made to support the families of dead war heroes at that time? If so what were they?

2) What affordable housing facilities would be available to her family at the time and what part of Petrograd realistically would they be living in?

3) At one point in the story, she is taking a walk with one of her friends, a young man whose father is a high-ranking government official. Could young couples spend time alone together in public or was this frowned upon or outright forbidden? Where were popular places to walk in Petrograd at the time? What venues of entertainment were available also?

4) The young man in question is eighteen years old. What educational opportunities were available to him at the time? Would he have any places in the area (universities, public libraries, etc.) that he could go to study in addition to studying at home? How much time out of a typical day would he spend studying?

Thanks in advance!
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