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Supranational Organisations: EU/NATO/UN

I have a couple of questions about daily activities of these organisations that I hope somebody can help me with. The trouble is, I know how they all work as organisations (my God, the EU is complicated) but not what their workers do on a daily basis. I'll put them under a cut, just to save space :)
  1. If someone were working in the Council of Ministers (EU), what are some typical low ranking positions? And some higher ranking ones, like somebody's boss?
  2. Other than the ECJ (which is in Luxembourg) is there a job in Brussels that would require a degree in European Law?
  3. I have a character who works for NATO as an administrator, what sort of things will s/he do on a daily basis (more specific than "admin" haha)
  4. Do NATO representatives travel, ever, to New York to meet with UN representatives?

I know those are probably really stupid questions but I honestly, in my shelf after shelf of EU books, I can't find anything that talks about the daily grind of commissioners or MEPs or council workers. I've tried google searches like "Nato in New York", "UN and NATO", "EU daily tasks" and the like, but nothing that's giving me the answers I want.

Any help would be most appreciated! :)
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